Why Choose Koh Samui Thailand Luxury Villas?

A vacation is your salvation after a whole period of juggling work and demanding family life. Sometimes, it is recommended to spend some time in a lush and exotic location where time moves a lot more slowly and where all your worries are inaccessible. Koh Samui in Thailand is heaven on earth for a lot of travelers. This is because it is so beautiful and has some of the world’s most fascinating white sand beaches. While you have the option to stay at a hotel or a resort, you are most likely to have a better stay if you have an accommodation that you can use exclusively throughout your stay. Thailand luxury villas are great choices for folks who want to go the extra mile to have a more special holiday—be it with friends or with family.
Here are some of the reasons why you should consider Koh Samui Thailand villas for rent.

1. You’ll be more comfortable.

Let’s face it, people are more comfortable when they are in a place just for themselves. Thick crowds can limit the fun that you can have. In addition, you can’t party your style if it is in a hotel or a resort.

2. Koh Samui villas will give you privacy.

When you are on your honeymoon or you are on the island for your wedding, you only want to deal with people you know and that’s hard to do if you are in a commercial resort. If you are in a private villa rentals in Koh Samui, you can have all the privacy that you need.

3. More often than not, you’d save money with private Koh Samui villas.

On the island, hotels and resorts have high rates because most of them are big worldwide names. Why pay more when you can have first class service at a villa? With private villas, you get to save more, the bigger your group is.

4. You have the option to have your meals prepared or you can cook your own meals.

A great number of villas on the island boast a full size European style kitchen. If you love to cook, then that means that being in private Koh Samui villas allows you to be able to create hearty meals for your family, just like what you can do at home.

5. Private villas give a more luxurious feel.

Privacy, seclusion, and exclusivity are associated with luxury when it comes to accommodations. For people who don’t want to settle for anything less than the best, Thailand luxury villas in Koh Samui are the best options.

Finding a fine accommodation that satisfies your tastes, preferences, and budget is the secret to having a vacation that is well spent. Everything starts with the venue of your holiday. Remember, unless you are at ease with a place, you won’t have a wonderful time. In Koh Samui, there are villas for rent that you can choose as your temporary home while on a holiday. If privacy is a priority, they are ideal for you.

Source: https://samuivillaretreat.com/

Chiangmai Travel Guide

Known as Thailand’s 5th biggest city, Chiangmai is charmingly called the “Rose of the North”, and is considerably more quiet and peaceful than most parts of the country. It was once the capital of the legendary Lanna Kingdom, and is a place famous for its natural beauty and fascinating culture. Because it is situated at an elevated location, the view here is breathtaking and the climate is considerably cooler. The walled city is known to be the historical site of Chiangmai and has been attracting tourists for a number of years.

Getting Here

Like in most places, getting here by plane is the most convenient way there is. Chiang Mai International Airport is the gateway to Chiangmai and holds both domestic and international flights. From Bangkok, Chiangmai is accessible using all kinds of public transport. Guests can travel by private vehicles, cabs, buses, motorcycles, and by train. For those who love to experience the city to the fullest, they can also travel by foot.


Chiangmai is a city filled with artistically built temples. There are 300 known temples within the city and it would be a pleasant experience historically and culturally to see most of them. There’s Wat Phra Singh, Wat Chedi Luang, and Wat Jet Yod, among others. Visiting the temples will give a tourist a very good glimpse of Thai culture, as religion plays an important role in all aspects of life.

Museums and Gardens

Other landmarks worth visiting in Chiangmai are its museums. These house the city and the country’s most important relics from the past. They also showcase some notable native crafts and arts that are unlike any other one have ever seen. For a touch of history, tourists can visit the Chiang Mai National Museum. There’s also the Museum of World Insects and Natural Wonders, which gives a background on some fascinating small creatures that can be found locally.

Chiangmai is also gifted in terms of natural resources. The plant life in the city is worth exploring as well. There are plenty of gardens to visit if one wants to know about local plants and some local wild life. A highly recommended place is the Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden. This is the country’s oldest garden and is often visited by those who want to get to know more about the Thai flora.


One of the great things about Chiangmai is that there are loads of festivities tourists can take part in and experience. There’s the Umbrella and Handicrafts Festival that happens during January. There’s also the very colorful Flower Festival in February. The Flower Festival is of particular interest as it is so full of life and vibrancy. All the beautiful local flowers in rich colors fill the streets, which is just lovely.

Where to Stay

Chiangmai offers accommodations in all sorts of prices. Tourists will love it here as there are loads of cheap places to stay. There’s Manathai Village Hotel, De Chai The Colonial Hotel, At Chiang Mai, and Chiangmai Plaza Hotel Convention & Spa among others.



Top 10 Reasons to Spend a Holiday in Ibiza

When it comes to popular destinations in Spain, Ibiza will always be included in the list. This place is a magnet for fun loving individuals who want action, excitement, and a sizzle of energy while on a holiday. Because of its amazing weather, cool establishments, and relaxed but playful atmosphere, Ibiza is often chosen as a wedding and honeymoon venue by beach loving couples. Here, the fun never stops and there are so many things to experience.

1. Ibiza is colorful and fun.

Ibiza is definitely not a gloomy destination. In fact, it is quite the opposite. This is a place that is filled with colors as well as happy and energetic people. If you are feeling blue and want to boost up your vibe, a holiday here will surely do wonders for you.

2. The beaches are incredible.

Among Ibiza’s best attractions are its beaches. If you are the type who loves to dip in blue waters and play on the sandy shore while getting a dose of intense sunshine, then Ibiza is a great destination for you to visit. Here the waters are very relaxing and the lightness of the sand will de-stress you in an instant. Ibiza is a great place to wear your sexiest beach wear and have the most amazing fun in the water.

3. The locals are friendly.

A good reason to visit Ibiza is its people. The locals are very accommodating which definitely adds to the island’s charm.

4. Ibiza is one of the coolest chill out places on earth.

Some of the best music establishments can be found in Ibiza and most of them are set right at the beach. The visual treat, combined with the kind of music that made this island world famous is enough to get rid of blues away. If you are past breaking point and are burned out with the stress of the daily grind, come to Ibiza and enjoy its laidback atmosphere. It will certainly recharge your worn out batteries.

5. Ibiza is where Es Vedra is at.

Considered to be one of the most enchanting places in the world, Es Vedra is more than just a natural rock formation. It is an experience. The spot in Ibiza is so tranquil and is often frequented for its unbeatable scenery. A trip here is bound to be life changing. Here you can see the most blissful sunset and be able to see some of the views of the island.

6. Ibiza’s Old Town is of historical and cultural importance.

There is more to Ibiza than just the energetic nightlife. Dalt Villa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and feels like another world of its own. This is one of the more somber parts of the island and is a great attraction for those who want to learn more about Ibiza in a deeper kind of way. The Old Town’s narrow alleys are a pleasure to explore as the surroundings have an ancient, old worldly feel to them.

7. Ibiza’s nightlife is unlike any other in the world.

No talk about Ibiza will forget to mention just how cool and well raved about its local nightlife is. The island is a party haven and is an idyllic place to get high in euphoria and dance the night away. The music, the energy of the people, and the atmosphere at the local clubs are simply contagious.

8. Your chances of spotting a celebrity are very high.

Because of its popular party atmosphere, Ibiza is a favorite vacation spot among celebrities. If you want to party with the stars like Will Smith and Julio Iglesias, come to the island and have fun seeing famous faces.

9. You’d be classified as cool instantly.

Ibiza is a no-fail fun destination with lots of beautiful people and exciting things to do. The mere fact that you are able to visit the island makes you a lot cooler in the eyes of many people.

10. Ibiza has truly mesmerizing caves.
If you are an adventurer who loves visiting off beat spots, Ibiza will make you want to come back again and again. Its caves are one of its notable attractions. Some of them are located in secret and exclusive locations. The caves are often chosen as venue for parties and it is such a treat to experience such a gathering.

Malia Holidays for the Whole Family

Located on the North Coast of Crete and surrounded by the majestic Mt. Selena, Malia is among the best places in this part of the planet. The very amicable ambience of Malia combined with its abundance of natural resources makes it a very popular destination among travellers who prefer hidden gems more than the conventional tourist places. Nestled in the midst of olive groves, it has a true Mediterranean air about it. Whether you are the type who some prefer peace and quiet, or the type who loves to party, Malia will make you feel welcome. No wonder Malia holidays are highly raved about. Malia is just a few minutes away from the Heraklion Airport so it is very accessible.

Beaches are among the many things that make Malia very popular. With clear blue waters and inviting fine golden sand, the beaches of Malia are among the most beautiful places in the planet. The entire beach area is about 3 miles, with a total of 6 beaches. All the beaches are stunning, making them a great setting for ideal holidays to Malia. Glozanie is Malia’s main beach and is worthy of a visit. The first thing you should look for if you are planning to spend your holidays in Malia is a place to stay. Here are some suggestions.

Meropi Hotel and Apartments

Most Malia Holidays are spent in this place. With its strategic location, family friendly facilities, and great service, guests will definitely love their stay here. The hotel is a serene complex, with outdoor pools and a very cool beach vibe. The surroundings are peaceful, and some of the best attractions in Malia are just within reach. Meropi has 96 apartments, with Wi-Fi access. The hotel interior is very cosy, with a friendly ambience that is pretty relaxing.

The guest rooms are decorated to perfection, using harmonious colours that go well together. There’s a restaurant on site where guests can enjoy their meals. The apartments are fully equipped, with comfortable beds, and a workable kitchen. The living rooms features comfortable seating areas where family or friends can gather together and have some bonding moment. There’s a garden, as well as sauna facilities on this hotel too, so holidays in Malia are sure to be comfortable.

Malia Beach Hotel

A very interesting hotel in Malia is the Malia Beach Hotel. This is a very classy property that is guaranteed to make all holidays to Malia a lot more special. The Malia Beach Hotel provides guests with the best beach experience that they will never forget. With 280 rooms, each boasting a magnificent view of the turquoise waters, your stay is bound to be very comfortable.

There’s a family room, which is great if you are bringing the kids with you. The room is spacious and features a very relaxing view. The bed can be one large bed or double beds. The baths are very modern and the room’s decor is simple but very elegant. The private balcony is fully furnished and is a nice place to admire the view. The colour schemes used are very bright and sunny, uplifting the spirits effectively.

Wellness is given priority in this hotel. For that, they have saunas and massage services, so guests on their Malia holidays can be pampered to the fullest. The main restaurant is a highly recommended place to have your meals. Gourmet meals, from pasta, to seafood dishes, to the yummiest garden fresh salads are served here. While swimming, there’s the beach bar for some refreshments and quick bites. That’s a really cool place to lounge while admiring the dramatic views.

Ikaros Beach Resort and Spa

A really nice place to spend holidays to Malia is the Ikaros Beach Resort and Spa. This is a very luxurious resort and boasts some of the best views in the whole Crete. The Aegean Sea can be seen from most of the rooms, creating an unbeatable relaxing vibe. Known for their excellent service, very classy surroundings, and modern amenities, your stay here is bound to be special. Aside from being a venue for Malia holidays, this is also a famous wedding and honeymoon venue. The architecture is very interesting, with lots of stones incorporated on the walls.

The suites are so stunning, you’ll surely want to extend your stay. The Sea Front Luxury Suite is very lavish and beautifully decorated. The scheme uses a neutral coloured bed and complements the blue water perfectly. The modern bath features a large marble bath, while the balcony features native furnishings that add to the appeal of the area. There’s a PC and a Wi-Fi access as well. It has its own private pool and boasts views of the Aegean Sea. Stone pillars make a great home accent, making the suite look really grand and majestic, in the ancient Greek tradition.

Holidays in Malia won’t be complete without some feasting. At the Ikaros Beach Resort and Spa, the food is just fantastic. The main restaurant serves a lavish buffet and gives guests a variety of food choices. For a true taste of Mediterranean cuisine, there’s the “AYERI” À LA CARTE. All the freshest ingredients from Crete are used in the preparation of the meals. For quick bites like club sandwiches and pizzas, there’s Ouzeri and Snack. They also serve juicy grilled dishes, beers, and garden fresh salads. The ambience of the dining areas is very impressive, adding an extra oomph to each meal.

The place is a host to some of Malia’s best activities. On site, guests can take part in some water sports like jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides. They can also try SCUBA diving and water skiing. The resort also has facilities for tennis, volleyball, and even billiards. There’s even a spa, where guests can avail of a massage service. Sauna bath facilities are there too. At the Ikaros Beach Resort and Spa, Malia holidays are sure to be well spent. Families can also play bingo, watch some movies, and watch entertaining talent shows. It is very impossible to get bored in this hotel.

Holidays to Dubai

Dubai is one of the most fascinating places in the Middle East. Separated by a creek into two, there’s the Deira on the northen part and Jemeirah located on the southern part. Both parts of Dubai are frequented by tourists all year round. It is an interesting city, with modern shopping malls, luxury hotels, and beautiful mosques. Dubai enjoys a very warm weather all year round, making the beach a welcome treat. Holidays to Dubai are pretty exciting. Here are some Dubai attractions.

Burj Al Arab

What’s cooler than a hotel situated on an artificial island?  This five star hotel is that grand and is among the most notable attractions in the city. The unique shape of the building is simply stunning, making it one of the most photographed places in the world. Burj Al Arab is all about luxury and premium comforts. The billowing sail design can be seen standing proudly across the skyline.  The Club Suite is an example of modern Middle Eastern grandeur. Rich colours of gold, white, and blue dominate the décor, making it a very soothing place to relax.

Grand Mosque

Located in Bur Dubai, this is another city attraction that should always be included in holidays to Dubai. Its glorious architecture is respected all over the globe and is among the most notable structures in the area. With dome shaped roofs and magnificent stained glass that provides colour all throughout the interior, this is a very nice place to visit.

Dubai Museum

Bits and pieces that concern the rich history of Dubai can be found here.  This houses some of the most important artefacts and is one of the most popular tourist attractions.

Wild Wadi Waterpark

Holidays in Dubai should also include some attractions for the children. The Wild Wadi Waterpark  is a great place to visit. With 30 rides, every member of the family will definitely have a wonderful time.


Dining in Dubai is another thing everyone looks forward to on their Holidays to Dubai. There are plenty of places where one can have a great meal. There are luxurious hotels, gourmet restaurants, and plenty of takeaways as well. From the Indian inspire curry, falafel, and some mouth-watering wraps, your palate will definitely be enticed. For those who are on a budget, the best place to get really great meals is at the market. Food booths serve all the many dishes that Dubai is famous for.

Like most cities in the world, Dubai has its own Chinatown. A great variety of restaurants are here—from high end restaurants to street side eateries. Seafood lovers should definitely visit the Caviar House, while Asian food lovers will certainly love the Bulwagan. Authentic Indian cuisine is offered in Marco Polo’s Hotel Bombay Restaurant. Curry based dishes are a hit here. Lovers of Lebanese food will have a great time in Awtar, while those who would love to try exotic food should try Al Mahara at least once. From turtles to sharks, they are all served there. In Dubai, there’s always something to eat. Make sure to sample these food places on your Dubai holidays.


Dubai is also famous for its shopping scene. From local stores to luxury boutiques, Dubai definitely knows how to lure shopaholics to spend. Fragrances, spices, and gold jewellery can be bought here. In addition, all the biggest brands from Gucci to Armani are in Dubai too.

The Mall of Emirates is known for its more than 200 shops. Whether you fancy some handicraft goods or want to splurge in branded items, this place is a must visit. Food stations are also all over the place, as well as a cinema for those who need a bit of entertainment. The Wafi Shopping Centre is highly recommended for those who would love to shop in more luxurious surroundings. This complex is all about the grand and the classy. The Egyptian themed interiors create a more stunning shopping ambience. If you love to splurge, this should definitely be included in your Dubai holidays must see places. Al-Gurair City houses names like Nine West are there, and is a great place to buy authentic Arabic crafts and furnishings. For bargain hunters, January is the best time to be in Dubai for the so-called shopping festival.

Holidays to Dubai are far from boring, as it is a very interesting city. Guests will be able to enjoy plenty of exciting activities to make their vacation even livelier. For one thing, they can head to the beach to cool the heat of the sun. The Jumeirah Beach is a favourite among tourists. Aside from the very white sand, the water is a bright turquoise. It’s a nice venue to spend the day swimming.  A day devoted to the beach sounds like a really good idea when in the Middle East. Guests can also ski. Imagine skiing in a very hot city. Sounds like fun right? The Mall of the Emirates have some ski facilities to help you cool off after a long day at the sun.

The markets in Dubai are also some nice places to visit. The Deira Covered Market is a nice place to get a henna and hoard some fragrant spices, incense, and oud perfumes. Colourful clothing and rich fabrics are also available at the souk, so you can buy some to take with you home. Aside from that, guests can also buy solid gold jewellery with a calibre unlike any other in the world.

In addition, guests can also visit the safari on their holidays to Dubai. The safari takes guests on a real desert experience. Imagine driving one the sand dunes, which is challenging but a lot of fun. If you like to tour the rest of Dubai in one go, you can also go on a cruise. This is a rare experience but is something truly worthwhile.

Holidays to Dubai will definitely allow each of the family members to enjoy and lavish on the beauty of a truly unique city. Book you stay in Dubai today and have a vacation you will never forget.


Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

A beach vacation is as refreshing to the soul as can be, and to the senses too. There’s something about being near water and having the sand on your feet that is very relaxing. In Malaysia, Langkawi resorts, such as the Langkawi Lagoon Resort, are quite popular. For those who want to splurge on their vacation and would not settle for anything less than luxurious accommodations and top notch service, Four Seasons Resort Langkawi is highly recommended.

Langkawi Four Seasons Resort At A Glance

Four Seasons Resort Langkawi is a blissful haven offering 5 star accommodations and services. This is the perfect union of the traditional and the modern, giving guests a chance to soothe their stress away and forget about the demands of everyday modern living. The unspoiled scenery is very tranquil—with abundance of greenery all over. With 91 rooms, guests will definitely feel welcome here any time of the day. Located in Tanjung Rhu, this is a cozy and comfortable retreat you will definitely delight in.

As a five star resort, guests can only expect the best at the Langkawi Four Seasons Resort. The view from here is amazing. The beach is inviting and boasts the bluest of waters. The sand lures guests to go barefoot and feel the powdery grits against their skin. The mountains not so far away provide an interesting backdrop to this lovely island paradise. The hotel interior is very posh, a mix of traditional design elements and modern home accents. Everywhere you look, you will be filled with an enchanted feeling of being in a magical place. There’s a 24 hour service, airport transfer, and babysitting services. Laundry services are also available. The resort also boasts a well maintained garden that adds to the tropical vibe.


Because this is a luxury resort, guests will definitely be able to enjoy the finest and grandest living spaces in Langkawi. Four Seasons Resort Langkawi takes pride in bringing guests only the best living spaces that are island inspired. The accommodations are very private and roomy too. In addition, the breathtaking views of the beach are visible from the inside. The Family Beach House is perfect for the whole family who are in Langkawi for their grand vacation. The beach house is spacious and airy because of the open design. Dominated by woods, the place is very welcoming and has an abundance of comfortable furnishings. Here, guests will not feel cramped and be able to relax while seating on the oversized couches and admiring the view. The kids’ room features an LCD TV, complete with a gaming console. There’s a reliable internet connection, a coffee and tea maker, and a mini bar. Luxurious robes and slippers are also provided. The rooms feature picture windows to allow plenty of sunshine in. For those who are on a honeymoon, the Royal Villa is a must try. This is spacious and very private, making it the perfect love nest for newlyweds.

Dining at the Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

Among the resort’s pride are its restaurants. Dining here is a delightful experience as the resort serves only the finest dishes to all its guests. Serai, with its breezy ambience, serves yummy Italian favorites. Their oven baked Wagyu beef lasagna is simply divine. The roasted sea bass is another hit among guests. The pan roasted spring chicken is also very popular. For dessert, there’s red and white sorbet, vanilla panna cotta, and chocolate pound cake. The place also serves filling breakfast. There are yogurt selections, fresh fruits, and so much more. For yummy grills and seafood, guests can try Kelapa Grill. Their lemon fish is perfectly flavored, while their filet mignon is simply addictive. For dessert, there’s chocolate sundae, sorbets, and cheesecakes. Views of the Andaman Sea make the dining experience even more special. Like most Langkawi resorts, here guests can also avail of the in-room dining service if they don’t feel like going out.

The Spa

One of the best features of the Four Seasons Resort Langkawi is the Spa. A vacation is mainly for everyone’s relaxation and to make the experience more complete, guests love to have some soothing herbal spa rituals and soothing massages. They have very relaxing facial treatments that will make your skin glow and look younger looking. A must try treatment here is the Mud Wrap—which is perfect for detoxifying the skin and getting rid of all the impurities. There’s also the fragrant bath ritual. In addition to the spa treatments and massages, the place also offers yoga glasses so guests can meditate and cleanse their energy. They also offer salon services for both men  and women. The masculine vigor and vitality is very popular among male guests. While the Ratu and Raja Connect is a hit for newlyweds and couples who want to spend a romantic vacation in Langkawi.

Kids at the Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

Known to be one of the most family-friendly resorts in the area, this is a great place to bring the kids as surely they will have a wonderful stay as well. There are so many exciting activities made especially for them. There are plenty of toys they can play with, they can join in different games, mingle with other kids, make sand castles, swim at the pool, and eat all their favorite comfort foods. They can also learn some basic Malay—an experience they will never forget. In addition, they can make crafts, engage in social activities, do some puzzles, and have a great day at the beach. Coloring and art activities are also available on site. The whole family can also visit the tropical animals and get to know more about the local wildlife.

The place is also available as a wedding venue and a corporate function venue. The resort has modern business facilities and elegant function rooms for all kinds of events. Should you want to have a memorable stay in Malaysia, the Four Seasons Resort Langkawi is a place you must include in your Langkawi resorts options.